Wet week

It’s been a wet and wintry week – unusually for this area, we had a spectacular lightning storm which woke us up one night, and made the rest of the week’s rain and cold seem mild by comparison.

That means we’ve focused on driving lessons and a couple of indoor jobs. Today looks much brighter outside, so I’m planning to take the opportunity to do some weeding.

Early this week I took some of our home-laid eggs in to work and sold them to colleagues. This is something I’ve been keen to do to help offset the cost of layer pellets, which, aside from developing better housing, are our biggest chicken keeping expense. It’s a great feeling to see our girls pay at least some of their own way. This also provided a fantastic opportunity to talk to other people – I had no idea just how popular backyard chickens are – and of course it meant a productive use for the tray of eggs that keeps magically refilling during the week.

Next weekend has a public holiday added to the end, and I’m keen to use the extra day to dig in the new section of vegetable garden that the chickens  lovingly (and messily) prepared. As long as the winter weather plays ball, of course.


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