Sunday scramble(d eggs)

Our chickens - Violet, Babs, Widgy, Fawkes & LinettiOne of our most visible early steps to City Sufficiency has been getting chickens.  We have five girls – Linetti, Babs, Pigwidgeon (Widgey), Fawkes and Violet – and after a couple of weeks adjusting to their new home, all are laying almost daily.

Under our local council’s rules, we’re able to keep up to 100 chickens before applying for official consent. That’s a lot of birds (and a lot of eggs)! The main constraints are that birds aren’t allowed to annoy the neighbours, and we need to ensure they have adequate food, water, shelter and exercise – but as we want ourselves and our girls to live here happily and healthily for a long time, these are things we’d be taking care of anyway.

With three people in our household, 4 or 5 eggs a day is proving plenty. A highlight of weekend mornings (for me) is frying or scrambling some of our ‘home laid eggs’ up for breakfast. To use the rest, we’ve had the occasional frittata, and given quite a few to family and neighbours. Sharing the eggs might help address any issues neighbours have with the occasional  noisy laying as well. 😉


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